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adorne® 15A Smart Outlet with Netatmo Plus-Size

adorne® 15A Smart Outlet with Netatmo Plus-Size

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With this 15A smart outlet, take control lamps or small appliances from anywhere. (One outlet is app-controlled, the other is always on.) Monitor and manage energy usage through the app to reduce utility cost and waste. Part of the adorne® with Netatmo solution.

Smart Lighting lets you control lights and power, from anywhere, adding safety and convenience to your home. And delivering it all with unprecedented range and reliability, adorne® with Netatmo leverages leading Netatmo technology to provide an ideal solution for larger homes with many smart products. Start with the Smart Gateway to establish a robust and dedicated mesh network, then add smart switches, dimmers and outlets to build a solution that perfectly fits a home’s unique space and needs. Options even include wireless smart switches and dimmers for easily adding 3-way control.  
Made exclusively for use with screwless Wall Plates from the adorne® Collection, sold separately.

Brand adorne
Color Magnesium
Compatible Devices All
Material Polycarbonate (PC)
Item Dimensions LxWxH 1.53 x 1.73 x 4.19 inches


About this item

  • Control lamps or appliances from smartphones and tablets with the Legrand Home + Control app. Even schedule them to turn on/off automatically, create groups, set scenes and monitor energy usage. Smart Gateway required.
  • Installs easily in place of an existing outlet. Can be wired to extend control to all outlets downstream or load-side. One outlet is app-controlled, the other is always on. Features ultra-reliable performance through a robust and dedicated mesh-network.
  • Protects children with a patented tamper-resistant shutter system that prevents improper insertion of foreign objects, complete with black "invisi-shutters" for an invisible effect.
  • Compatible with other smart products through Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Apple HomeKit, as well as with home automation systems.
  • Flexibly fits a home's unique needs with a variety of supported smart switches, dimmers and outlets, including wireless switches and dimmers. Available color options include White, Magnesium and Graphite. Pair with designer wall plates from the adorne Collection to fit any style.
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