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Jinno Lighting

LED NEON LIGHT 10mm x 10mm 165ft per roll.

LED NEON LIGHT 10mm x 10mm 165ft per roll.

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Color Temperature

Fit for Multiple Scenes

Super bright for patios, ceilings, roofs, bedroom, living rooms, kitchen cabinet, hallway, upstairs, porch, deck, lawn yard, balcony, pavilion, restaurant, bar, KTV, especially great for holidays and events like celebrations, parties, Christmas, New Year, Valentine, Halloween, or anywhere as you like.

  • When using the LED strip lights outdoor, make sure to keep the power cord side, connections, and end tail side indoors or in waterproof boxes to avoid water seeping in, light’s body is IP65 waterproof, but the power cord side and end tail, connection side need to avoid water!
  • –High Brightness and dimmable for personal needs

    This single  row LED Strip Light’s premium coating is cold-resistant which can stand minus 13F series-parallel wiring configuration requires higher manufacturing skills to ensure higher fault tolerance and efficiency. Makes a more stable configuration and uniform glow distribution, no dark section.

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