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LS2-TR-600W Stainless Steel Tranformer 600W

LS2-TR-600W Stainless Steel Tranformer 600W

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LS2-TR-600W Product Description

Lighting Spot 26 LS2-TR-600W Stainless Steel Tranformer 600W


Power: 20W Bulb max.
Voltage Input: AC12V AC/DC
Lifespan: 5000hrs
Beam angle :100 ̊
Dims: 4.3'' H x 4.95'' W x 2.6'' D
Material: solid cast brass metal, glass
Finish: bronze
UV treated.
Lens: heat resistant glass lens.
Applications: lawn
Up lighting
Back lighting etc.
Lamp halogen G-4 NOT INCLUDED

Key Features:

304 stainless steel sase
Built-in stainless steel mounting sracket allows for mounting without templates
Magnetic EI Core – fully encapsulated with silicone
Delivers stable voltage
Primary side thermal protection.
Secondary side magnetic circuit breaker
Timer module receptacle
Photocell port ready
Multi- tap
Internal wiring rated to 125℃

Technical Data:

Dimensions: 4”W×7”H×3.25”D
6’ Heavy duty power cord
Weight: 11 lbs
Input voltage: 120VAC
Output voltage : 12V, 13V, 14V, 15V AC
Only draw 35W of power with this 50W transformer. (Do not load a
transformer to greater than 70% of its capacity)
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