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Siemens WEP4511 400A 4-Jaw 125A per Position 5-Ring Type Cover

Siemens WEP4511 400A 4-Jaw 125A per Position 5-Ring Type Cover

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Siemens all new Unit-PAK Metering offers maximum flexibility and ease of installation to meet the service requirements of multiple position metering projects. The outdoor/indoor rated devices are available in 2-6 gang set-ups which consist of a pull section with main lugs or stud terminations and 4/5 jaw meter sockets with tenant main circuit breaker provisions. The units operate on 120/240V AC 1O- 3W systems and are available with either 125 or 200 ampere meter sockets to meet a wide variety of small apartment and commercial building applications. A fifth jaw accessory kit is available for use on 120/208YV AC 1O-3W network systems. The attractive Unit-PAK devices accept overhead or underground service terminations and are designed for wall-hung surface or semi-flush mounting. The devices are factory pre-bussed in a compact enclosure to ensure ease of handling and installation and to maximize wall-space efficiency. Features and ratings include: 1) Siemens' exclusive 200 ampere/position QS breaker for quicker wiring, 2) Removable knock-out plate for back exit, 3) Mounting rail for wall hanging, 4) UL Listed for Service Equipment, 5) UL Listed for use with 60/75 Degree wire, 6) UL Listed for short circuit ratings up to 100,000 RMS symmetrical amps at 240V AC, 7) Front accessible 4 or 5-jaw sockets with individual ring or ring less type meter covers, 8) All unmetered bus is barbered and sealable to prevent unauthorized access, 9) Fifth jaw field installable at 6 or 9 o'clock, 10) Lever Bypass models, 11) Galvanized steel with electrodeposited paint provides uniform coverage for long-lasting protection and sharp appearance.

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